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Sport Management and law


1 week


4 per week


690€ per week





Start date

July 5, 2021



The course introduces students to the interdisciplinary area of Sport Management and analyzes the field from a managerial, financial, legal and marketing perspective to provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of the sector. The course is divided into online lessons, individual study and preliminary study. Students also attend lessons with representatives of government and industry sharing their first-hand experiences.



Enrico Lubrano, Professor, Department of Law, Luiss University


Learning Goals 

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

– Understand the logic of business plan building and analysis to launch and develop activities in sports management

– Define appropriate strategies in terms of segmentation, targeting and positioning in the sports industry

– Understand the legal aspects of the international and national sports systems, federations and sport club management

– Analyze current regulations on the functioning of the sports industry both in the national and the European area



Preliminary study:

The course syllabus indicates the materials (readings, papers, texts, videos) that students must study in the weeks preceding the course. This preliminary study gives students the necessary information for an intensive course and the ability to begin their weekly individual study with a greater depth.