The Luiss model of life largelearning pairs with the University’s philosophy of enquiry-based learning to provide students complete preparation. Luiss develops strategies to enrich the synergies between academic research and education, including the implementation of an innovative educational model that puts students’ questions and critical thinking skills at the center of the process. The Luiss model also combines academic excellence with professional preparation.


The University aims to involve students and expose them to different fields through interdisciplinary learning opportunities and a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities.


By prioritizing this transversal and student-centered approach, Luiss guarantees that students are prepared for future professional success in the global economy and are open to intellectual and personal development throughout their lives.


What should I do after university? The Luiss Career Service offers students and graduates support in building their careers and offers students support in the post-university transition to the job market. To ensure success, the office regularly meets with students to help them pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses to make smart choices.


Luiss Students’ Development offers a wide variety of opportunities to learn by doing with a specific focus on transversal skills and learning innovation methods.


Today’s leaders can no longer afford to ignore ethics and sustainability. Through volunteer initiatives, the community garden and collaboration with non-profit associations and NGOS in Italy and around the world, Luiss supports the growth of students’ sense of community and the creation of value for society.


Luiss promotes active participation in student life on campus. The University promotes student associations and newspapers – organized by students themselves – by offering them spaces, funds and dedicated communication channels.


Launched in 1986, the Luiss Alumni Association (ALL) is a privileged, stabile and established point of contact for the University’s alumni, offering numerous initiatives and networking events for Luiss graduates.


ALL aims to promote its members by organizing opportunities to develop both relationships and professional skills. Between institutional talks, networking events, debates on current events and talks on specific themes hosted by the Association’s national and international Chapters.


ALL is active on the Italian scene with Chapters in Rome and Milan, and abroad with Chapters in Brussels, Dublin, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Shanghai and New York. This network allows graduates to easily come in contact with former classmates while offering the University and young students precious reference points for internships, job opportunities, information and advice.